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Upgrading SYM

One method of upgrading your customized Setup Your Mac script to the latest version

Upgrading Setup Your Mac screencast (10:13) [Music:; License code: KVUY0KXIWFKY2JLK]


Apple’s Automated Device Enrollment helps streamline Mobile Device Management (MDM) enrollment and device Supervision during activation, enabling IT to manage enterprise devices with “zero touch.”

Setup Your Mac aims to simplify initial device configuration by leveraging swiftDialog and Jamf Pro Policy Custom Events to allow end-users to self-complete Mac setup post-enrollment.

Release Cycle

For each of the last several months, an updated version of Setup Your Mac has been released (and reviewing SYM’s CHANGELOG shows it).

Many Mac Admins share the same sentiment:

I’d like to upgrade to the latest version, but there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to both use the new features and maintain my customizations.


The following high-level overview is written for Visual Studio Code; James Smith has an excellent presentation on Visual Studio Code for Mac Admins.

A. Download and Duplicate

Complete the following steps on your primary Mac:

  1. Open the macOS Terminal.
  2. Download the latest development version of Setup Your Mac using the following command.
    (The script will be saved to your Downloads folder as:
timestamp=$( date '+%Y-%m-%d-%H%M%S' ) ; curl -o ~/Downloads/Setup-Your-Mac-via-Dialog-$timestamp.bash 
  1. Determine the scriptVersion using the following command:
awk -F"=" '/scriptVersion/{print $NF;exit;}' ~/Downloads/Setup-Your-Mac-via-Dialog-$timestamp.bash
  1. Duplicate your current Setup Your Mac script, appending the value of scriptVersion
B. Compare files in Visual Studio Code

Refer to the Upgrading Setup Your Mac screencast when completing the following steps.

  1. If necessary, download Visual Studio Code
  2. Open the following files
    • Your duplicated, renamed, customized Setup Your Mac script
    • ~/Downloads/Setup-Your-Mac-via-Dialog-$timestamp.bash
  3. Click the Explorer button (Command-Shift-E)
    • If necessary, enable “Open Editors” in Explorer’s options
  4. Individually right-click the files listed in the Open Editors to begin the comparison
    • Select for Compare: ~/Downloads/Setup-Your-Mac-via-Dialog-$timestamp.bash
    • Compare with Selected: Your duplicated, renamed, customized Setup Your Mac script
  5. Close the Explorer
  6. Review each difference — shown in red — then click the right-facing arrow to replace the code in your duplicated, renamed, customized Setup Your Mac script with the code in ~/Downloads/Setup-Your-Mac-via-Dialog-$timestamp.bash
    • Notes:
      • You can safely ignore any differences in policyJSON
      • Enabling View > Word Wrap can interfere with code comparison
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