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Microsoft 365 Reset (2.0.0b1) via Jamf Pro Self Service

A quick-and-dirty Jamf Pro Policy hack for testing Microsoft_Office_Reset_2.0.0.pkg


Office-Reset is a free downloadable tool from Paul Bowden that Mac Admins can use to fix problems and errors encountered with Microsoft Office for Mac apps and version 2.0 Beta 1 includes more than two dozen changes.

The following quick-and-dirty hack will allow Jamf Pro admins to easy deploy the entire Microsoft_Office_Reset_2.0.0.pkg during the beta phase before the app-specific .PKGs are available.



Since Jamf Pro policies are executed as root — and the currently logged-in user needs to open the .PKG — our quick-and-dirty hack involves three steps:

  1. Cache Microsoft_Office_Reset_2.0.0.pkg
  2. Move the cached .PKG to a user-executable location
  3. Launch the relocated .PKG as the currently logged-in user


After downloading Microsoft_Office_Reset_2.0.0.pkg and uploading to Jamf Pro, create a new policy and select the Cache Action option.

Pro Tip: Before uploading, first remove quarantine extended attributes via rq

Files and Processes

Add the Files and Processes payload and specify the following for the Execute Command:

mv -v "/Library/Application Support/JAMF/Waiting Room/Microsoft_Office_Reset_2.0.0.pkg" "/Users/Shared/" && /usr/sbin/chown `/usr/bin/stat -f%Su /dev/console` "/Users/Shared/Microsoft_Office_Reset_2.0.0.pkg" && /usr/bin/su \- "`/usr/bin/stat -f%Su /dev/console`" -c "/usr/bin/open -R '/Users/Shared/Microsoft_Office_Reset_2.0.0.pkg'" && /usr/bin/su \- "`/usr/bin/stat -f%Su /dev/console`" -c "/usr/bin/open '/Users/Shared/Microsoft_Office_Reset_2.0.0.pkg'"

The above command will:

  1. Move the .PKG to /Users/Shared
  2. Assign the currently logged-in user as its owner (so the user can later delete it)
  3. Reveal the .PKG as the currently logged-in user
  4. Launch the .PKG as the currently logged-in user

Self Service

We’re using the following as our Self Service Description

### Possible PERMANENT Data Loss

**Use With Caution | Immediate Restart Recommended**

Prompts for specific reset / removal options.

†For Outlook-specific issues, please first run the [Microsoft Outlook Reset](jamfselfservice://content?entity=policy&id=836&action=view) policy to see if that resolves your issue. (Most Outlook problems can be solved without needing to remove mailbox data.)

- **All** mail messages stored in _On my computer_ folders will be **permanently** lost
- Synchronized local messages and folders are **permanently** deleted from your Mac
- Office 365 mailbox content will resynchronize from the server when you next re-install and launch Outlook


Scope the policy to your opt-in Beta Testers (as there are probably too many options which will most likely overwhelm casual end-users).

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