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“Reimagined” IT Support and Deployment Training from Apple

Guess I won’t be studying for the macOS Support Essentials 12: Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP) exam

No wonder it took so long

A few weeks ago, I was reviewing the release dates of my last several Brainscape Decks with a friend who tends to be in-the-know and he encouraged more patience.

“But next week is May!” I told him.

“Patience,” was his reply.

Welcome Changes

As I was preparing the Brainscape Decks for this go-round, I was excited to finally see the word bootstrap in an exam preparation guide; the screenshot below should tell you all you need to know about the previous exam preparation route.

“No matches found” for bootstrap

In-progress Brainscape Classes

The following classes are currently just straight copy-and-paste jobs from the exam preparation guide; I’m planning on populating them as I complete each course (and if you’d like to help, please DM me on Slack).

Apple Device Support Exam (9L0-3021-ENU)ClassPDF
Apple Deployment and Management Exam (9L0-3019-ENU)ClassPDF

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